larry_paul (larry_paul) wrote in chelsea_piers,

Valentine's Day at CJ's Bar

Okay people, as Larry stated in a previous post - he'll be playing at CJ's tonight. Against his best efforts, it won't be singles night. But it will be a big party for everyone - not just couples. So if anyone wants to play it, let me know. I'm working 3-9 but will be here after. Or I'll be around all day tomorrow if people would rather post-date it. It'll be something fun people can do either with or without someone special and still have a good time. Let me know.

edit: Looks like it'll probably be played sometime tomorrow, I think I'm going out for awhile. So..yea..tomorrow: today's valentine's shindig at CJs.
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Rach will be there -- whenever you end up doing it. Just let me know when.