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Chelsea Piers

The Production Area for Law & Order: SIU

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This community is a branch of lawandorder_siu, a Law & Order role-playing game. You must be a member of SIU to obtain membership here at Chelsea Piers.

Chelsea Piers is essentially the production warehouse of the Law & Order franchise. It is where the grunt work gets done -- writing, editing, filming -- all the pieces that make the shows complete.

As any experienced roleplayer/writer knows, characterization involves planning, feedback, and of course, editing. The characters we write/play grow over time and how we write them evolves.

For the roleplayers/writers of Law & Order: SIU, this community will serve as the "production area" -- the place where we can go to do just that. Finished works may go in our story comm, 44th_precinct.

This is the place to: Flesh out storyline ideas, post drafts of stories involving your characters, flesh out your character or any NPCs you may want to work on. Feel free to make an NPC journal to use for this community if you have an NPC (or several) that you want to do extensive work on.

This is also where all OOC SIU-related posts will go so our community and character journals don't get bogged down with random OOC posts.

NOTE: To ensure that this is a writer-friendly environment where people feel comfortable putting out unfinished or experimental works, all entries in this community will be friends-locked.

Green room, production warehouse, cutting room: It is what you make of it, so grab a chair and a pen and stay awhile.